Are You Having Anxiety and Panic Attacks? Know the Signs and Symptoms

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Are you suspecting that you are having anxiety and panic attacks but not sure about it? If you are having panic disorder, this is a terrifying experience and you need to be certain and know what you are experiencing because the symptoms are sometimes very confusing. Recognizing and understanding what you are going through will help you deal with it.

Usually sufferers are having anxiety and panic attacks when he or she feels trapped or confined in a situation. There is a feeling of extreme fear and intrusive thoughts that something bad is about to happen even without a rational reason for that fear. But there are also nocturnal panic attacks that occur during early stages of sleep which is really bothersome.

To help you recognize and understand if you are having anxiety and panic attacks, here are the symptoms:

Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. This is a feeling of breathlessness or difficulty getting enough air to breath. This is a very common symptom if you are having anxiety and panic attacks.

Palpitation and rapid heartbeat. This is the awareness of your own heartbeat which is really annoying. It could range from slow to fast pounding heartbeat and sometimes radiates to the throat and neck.

Chest pains. A feeling of heaviness in the chest is one symptom of having anxiety and panic attacks. Most people think that a sudden chest pain could be a heart attack. Although this is a normal symptom of too much anxiety, if you have heath conditions it is better to consult your doctor.

Trembling, shaking and sweating. When you are having anxiety and panic attacks it is normal to have trembling and shaking with unnecessary sweating but this could also be a symptom of other diseases so you need to be evaluated for other illnesses.

Losing control. If you are having anxiety and panic attacks, you have a feeling of losing control over your body and mind. You have intrusive thoughts and feelings that you are losing your mind and a grip on reality.

If you have health conditions, it is better to consult your doctor about your symptoms. But it is important that you know that anxiety and panic disorder is treatable. Having the symptoms are quite normal if you have this disorder but you have to learn how to control or eliminate the annoying symptoms of this disorder to increase the quality of your life. For anxiety and panic disorder treatment visit Panic  Miracle

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