Dealing With Chronic Anxiety – What You Need to Know

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Living in fear or suffering from chronic anxiety is robbing you of your freedom to live your life. Repeated episodes of anxiety attacks can be very disabling. Dealing with chronic anxiety disorder can be very difficult if you do not know what to do. Without treatment this kind of disorder can totally take control of your life.

People with anxiety or panic disorder have irrational or exaggerated worries on something that are not real or have excessive fears on something that are normally not threatening. If you are dealing with chronic anxiety disorder, your life may become restricted. Your excessive irrational fear can prevent you from doing normal everyday activities like going to work, driving, shopping and socializing with people. Your life will be ruled by fears and your fears will define how you will live or act on your everyday life. Living in constant fear or chronic anxiety disorder is not living at all and you have to break-free from that cycle and know the best ways of dealing with chronic anxiety disorder. If you want to get your life back, learn how to stop surrendering to your irrational fears or anxiety.

Finding help is important in dealing with chronic anxiety disorder. There are people with anxiety problem who suffer for years before seeking treatment. You should know that anxiety disorder is a treatable illness, there is help available for you and it is important to seek professional help. People who are trained to treat mental disorders are psychiatrists and psychologists. In choosing a mental health professional you should take into account their credentials, experience and expertise in treating anxiety problems. Cost is also a big consideration in seeking treatment. It is your responsibility to know the coverage of your health insurance and ask if your insurance is acceptable by your health care provider. Although anxiety disorder is treatable, the harsh reality is that the high cost of treatments and medications prevent sufferers from seeking treatment. For those who do not have a health insurance or have limited funds, find out if there are health centers in your area that offers low-cost treatments.

One way of dealing with chronic anxiety disorder is through psychological treatment. The therapy commonly used to treat anxiety disorder is CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. This is the most effective psychological treatment helping patients to develop new ways of thinking. This therapy involves identifying the thinking pattern that makes them anxious and then helping them change their thinking pattern. The treatment also includes exposure therapy where the patient is gradually exposed to feared situations to help the patient cope with his or her anxieties or fears.

Pharmacological treatment or medications is also another way in dealing with chronic anxiety. There are cases that psychotherapies are combined with medications. The use of prescribed medicines like anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medicines can help patients to contain the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks like palpitations and trembling. Medications have their side effects and addictive so it is important to follow your doctor’s advice to avoid drug dependence. Do not increase the dosage or stop taking medications without consulting your doctor. Increased dosage or sudden withdrawal may lead to other health issues. Discuss with your doctor if you are taking herbal medicines or vitamin supplements to avoid interactions with prescribed medications that might be dangerous. In dealing with chronic anxiety disorder, it is important to always communicate with your doctor about the medications you are taking.

Aside from the conventional treatment, alternative treatments are also being used now in dealing with chronic anxiety disorder. Of course before using alternative treatments, you must communicate with your health care provider to ensure your safety and the effectiveness of the treatment. There are a number of alternative treatments for anxiety disorder like yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, deep-breathing exercises, acupuncture and herbal or dietary supplement.

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