Discover the Best Ways to Survive and Deal with Panic Attacks

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In the face of disaster, it is important for people with panic disorder to know how to survive and deal with panic attacks. You should know what to do to avoid panicking and aggravating the situation.

You may think that it is easier said than done because it is natural for anyone faced with disastrous situations to panic but it is still important to know how to survive and deal with panic attacks especially for people with panic disorder. There are people who can maintain their calmness and composure in the face of dangerous situations but the majority of people will panic simply because it is natural for humans to protect themselves from danger. It is also normal for humans to have an intensified fear for their lives in the face of danger. This fear is accompanied by increased blood pressure and pounding heartbeat that you wanted to run away from that fearful situation.

But for those who have panic disorder, the fear is even greater and they may find themselves immobile and unable to survive and deal with panic attacks. You should know that panic attacks are usually created by your mind and it can be defeated. In fact, there are a number of ways to survive and deal with panic attacks and here some of them:

Recognize that you are in panic. By acknowledging that you are in panic, you are taking the problem out of yourself instead of just keeping it inside yourself. One way of letting the panic out is by talking to yourself. You can say these words to yourself over and over again, “Do not panic. Things will be okay. Nothing will harm me.” Talking to yourself or re-assuring yourself that everything will be okay is one effective way to survive and deal with panic attacks.

Redirect your attention on the situation and not on yourself. You have to think what you can do to cope with the situation. Is there someone you can call to help you with the situation? Can you immediately get away from the situation? By focusing on the situation you will forget your panic and you will begin to think logically about the situation. At the same time you will learn how to survive and deal with your panic attacks.

Deep breathing exercise. During extreme panic, deep breathing can be very helpful because it can help ease up the tension and it can slow down your heart rate. It can help you to handle the situation with calmness. To survive and deal with panic attacks, practice deep breathing.

The power of prayers. Of course when in danger, prayers can do wonders for us. Knowing that there is a Greater Power that can help you get through with this situation will give you the hope and the strength to survive and deal with panic attacks.

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