Discover the Signs of Social Anxiety Disorder

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Being anxious or nervous is a normal feeling when faced with unusual occasions like giving speech in front of a crowd, during job interviews and other situations you don’t usually do. Anxiety becomes a disorder if you have unreasonable fear over something, if it interferes with your everyday life and affects your interaction with other people. You have to know if your anxiousness is already a social phobia and you have to know the common signs of social anxiety disorder.

Those who are suffering from social phobia have excessive self-consciousness every time they are around people or social situations. The extreme fear of social situations is too much that it interferes with their jobs, school and everyday activities. Living with constant fear and isolating yourself from people is not living at all. You have to find a way to get rid of your social phobia. The first step of seeking treatment is to know the common signs of social anxiety disorder. Here are the common signs of social phobia:

* Severe and relentless fear of being watched or judged by others
* Restless and worries too much days or weeks before a fearful situation like job interviews
* Uneasy around people and extreme fear that they will commit mistakes
* Too much self-consciousness in front of people that things like drinking and eating in social situation is something they want to avoid.
* Physical symptoms like blushing, nausea, profuse sweating, trembling and difficulty talking in social situations.
* Avoids social situation

Although the signs of social anxiety disorder are very disabling, you are not alone because millions of people are suffering from this disorder. These people may realize that they have unreasonable and excessive fear in social situations but unable to control them. In this case, it is best to seek professional help. Social phobia is a treatable disorder and there are treatments available for you. A doctor specialized in mental health can help you deal with social phobia.

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