How to Conquer Panic Anxiety Disorder

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Are you experiencing fears to certain situations or objects that somehow lead you to attacks? Or experiencing out of place degree of fear to consequences of not carrying out specific routine? Or suffer from depression and complain panic attacks to some situations? Then you might be a candidate for panic anxiety disorder. Here are some easy and independent ways to conquer panic anxiety disorder.


One way to conquer panic anxiety attacks is through meditation. Our body regularly adapts to everyday pressures however, if our conscious system were unable to handle such negative thoughts patterns this will gradually affect our subconscious. A person may encounter even in a normal workday a sudden unusual experience of dizziness and suffocation eventually found complaining with chest pains and palpitations but in the end doctors couldn’t give any reasons why that person kept on having these “life threatening attacks” and unable to conquer panic anxiety attacks.

You can use meditation to conquer panic anxiety attacks. Through meditation the mind is channeled to alpha state. Brainwaves are energy aspect of the brain and it is measured by electrocephalograph. Beta waves are the usual state of the mind specially when doing active chores such as playing and working. Also, during this state, mind is incompetent for memory. While, alpha waves are present when a person’s mind is calm and balance.

Inside the brain is what we called adrenal glands, these glands releases glucorticoids. Glucorticoids is a stress hormone that is release when the body system experience stress. However too much secretion of the said hormone can affect two organs that are both important for memory formation these are hippocampus and amygdale. Prolonged exposure may lead to shrinkage of hippocampus and contrastingly leads to hyperactivity of the amygdala. Meditation stimulates the limbic system where amygdala could be found, it is fired in every meditation practice causing a feeling of regeneration physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thus, meditation can help you conquer panic anxiety attacks.

It will help to conquer panic anxiety attacks when you meditate and find a quiet place to seat and relax for at least 10 minutes. Close your eyes and concentrate on your heart (heart meditation technique), feel the beating of your heart. Imagine a brilliant white light engulfing your heart. Add positive essences like peace, prosperity, vitality and love. Let the light expands until it engulfs your whole body. Then, forget your visualization and be passive. Regular meditation would gradually lower disturbing thoughts, sense of fears and depressed emotions and will help you conquer panic anxiety attacks.

Classical music

In ancient India people believed in the law of sound that connects man and nature. Ragas are Indian classical music that can create fire or rain and even cure diseases. Chants must be precise to achieve its exact benefits.

Like Bruckner, Vivaldi and Mozart are few western classical composers who adopted the same principles. Western classical music helps attune to alpha waves and leaves positive effects to its listeners. It is also proven that listening may obtain the same benefits as taking valium an anti anxiety medication to conquer anxiety panic attacks. In addition, nightmares and sleep disturbances, upset stomachs, migraines and headaches are also signs and symptoms of panic anxiety disorders but proven to be resolved by listening to classical music.

Perspire regularly

The concept with regards to exercise is to enhance the circulatory system and helps release toxic materials through perspiration. The heart pumps the blood wherein the blood carries the hormones, food and oxygen or carries waste and disposed to liver, kidneys and lungs. If the blood flow is blocked definitely the hormone will also prohibits as well as a cell without nourishment will die and at the same time waste might end up accumulating inside the body. If you get a chance to observe people who regularly perspire you would observe the color and the glow of their skin and normally these people have a positive outlook towards life. Thus, regular exercise can help you to conquer panic anxiety attack.

Proper diet

Diet also plays an important role when you try to conquer panic anxiety attacks. Avoid excessive meat, protein from meat produce waste products such as uric acid that an excess of it weakens the kidney. Take plenty of water and foods that have high water content such as vegetables and fruits this greatly help the kidney in cleansing the body.

Frequent and proper bathing techniques

Taking a bath daily excretes waste and purifies the blood. When taking a bath use a scrub to thoroughly clean the body. Nurses use circular motion techniques when performing bed baths to their patients. Thorough scrubbing and circular motion techniques enhance and stimulate the nervous system and help you relax and conquer panic anxiety attacks.

If you have tried everything and spend a fortune to control panic attacks and yet found no cure, don’t despair. Did you know that you can free yourself from panic attacks today? Regardless of what you have been led to believe acute anxiety and panic attacks can be cured in easy-to-follow steps without any medication, using a revolutionary new technique. Conquer your panic anxiety attacks today visit Panic Miracle


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