How to Deal With Severe Anxiety Disorder

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People usually get anxious when faced with unusual things like death in the family, losing a job, starting a new career or getting married. Having anxiety is normal but if your life is ruled by excessive anxiousness or you become unreasonably anxious of situations or things that are normally not a big deal to other people then you might be suffering from anxiety or panic disorder. Anxiety problems can be mild that lasts for a day or two or it can be severe that can lasts for months. Some people have severe anxiety disorder that they find it hard to function normally on their everyday lives. So how would you deal with severe anxiety disorder?

You need to see a doctor. Anxiety or panic disorder is a very treatable condition and you have to get the proper diagnosis and treatment. The symptoms of anxiety disorder may resemble the symptoms of other health problems so you need to see a doctor to make sure you are not suffering from one of those illnesses. If you are not comfortable seeing a doctor alone, ask a close friend or a family member to go with you. To lessen your worries on how to discuss your problem with a doctor, prepare at home and write the things you want to say or ask. If the doctor ask you some questions, take your time and answer the questions. You do not have to be embarrassed because anxiety or panic disorder is an illness and like any other illnesses you need to seek professional help to deal with severe anxiety disorder. Medications are usually the immediate treatment for anxiety attacks. Cognitive behavior therapy and counseling are the common treatments.

Admit that you have a problem. Sometimes there are people who are in denial and it is hard for them to admit that they have anxiety problems. To deal with severe anxiety disorder, you have to admit and recognize that you have anxiety problems. It is easier to seek treatment if you are acknowledging that you have a problem.

Self-help. In the treatments of any health problems, self-help is important. There are many forms of self-help that you can do to deal with severe anxiety disorder. Talking about your anxiety with family and close friends is one form of self-help that you can do to deal with severe anxiety disorder. Reading and learning about anxiety disorder is helping yourself to understand about your disorder. Relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, yoga and proper diet are also self-help care. Whatever treatment you are going through, your participation, cooperation and commitment in the treatment process are important.

Patience. There is no instant treatment for anxiety disorder. Treatments require a lot of work and it takes time for you to get to the stage where you can win over your anxiety. If you are impatient, it can be very hard to deal with severe anxiety disorder. In the early part of every treatment, things might be hard and you might get disappointed with your progress. You will get to the point that you want to give up but you have to be patient and stick to the treatment program and to your goals to finally conquer your anxiety problems.

Dealing with severe anxiety disorder is not as hard as you think if you know what to do. There is help available for you. To stop anxiety disorder for good visit Panic Miracle

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