How to Deal With Social Anxiety Disorders

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People with social phobia or social anxiety disorder are not just shy but they are excessively self-conscious and uncomfortable in public or social situations. They have constant extreme fear that they will do something embarrassing in social situations. This extreme anxiousness interferes with their daily activities and they cannot function normally. It is important for these people to learn how to deal with social anxiety disorder before it could control their lives.

Social phobia may include talking with strangers, speaking in front of a group of people and in severe cases sufferers experience anxiety around almost anyone aside from their family. Even if they are aware that their fear is excessive and unreasonable, it is difficult for them to control their extreme anxiety. Dealing with this kind of disorder could be very frustrating and distressing if you do not know how.

Some symptoms of this disorder include blushing, profuse sweating, muscle tension, difficulty talking, unable to establish eye contact, trembling and rapid heartbeat. Most of the time sufferers avoid social interaction. It is important to learn how to deal with social anxiety disorder to overcome these symptoms.

This is not a life threatening illness and there are treatments to help you overcome this disorder. You should talk to a mental health professional to know what are the treatments suited for you.

One way to deal with social anxiety disorder is trough drug therapy or pharmacotherapy. There are different classes of medication like monoamine oxidase inhibitors and benzodiazepines. Your doctor can prescribe you with the right medicine. Social phobia responds well to medications although in some cases drugs have their side effects.

Another way to deal with anxiety disorder is through psychotherapy. Social anxiety disorder involves excessive fear of humiliation in social situations; cognitive behavioral therapies are successful to most patients. This treatment include exposure to feared situations, role playing, coping skills training and changing negative beliefs about how people perceive them.

You do not have to live with constant fear of social situations; you have to learn how to deal with social anxiety disorder because this is a treatable illness. Enjoy the company of people around you and interact with them. To know more techniques in overcoming social phobia visit Panic Miracle

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