How to Handle Anxiety Disorders

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Anxiety is a helpful emotion because it keeps you on your toes in the face of danger or stressful situations. But if this emotion restricts you from doing your daily activities then what you have is a disorder. If you have extreme anxiety or fear over unreasonable things to the point that you cannot function normally in your daily life, then you need to learn how to handle anxiety disorder.

This extreme terror is accompanied by physical symptoms which are really disturbing and disabling. The physical symptoms include chest pain, sweating, nausea, racing heartbeat, trembling, hot flashes, feeling of unreality, numbness and shortness of breath. Imagine what you will do if anxiety attack strikes you while you are driving or while you are shopping in a busy supermarket. The anticipation of attacks is also hard to handle because it takes away your freedom to enjoy life. You will become so restricted that you avoid things that you normally do like driving and even leaving the house without a companion. Before this disorder could totally invade your life, you have to learn how to handle anxiety disorder.

This disorder is treatable and manageable, you do not have to get embarrassed or hide if you have anxiety disorder. Here are some tips on how to handle anxiety disorder:

See a doctor or mental health professional. You need a proper diagnosis for you to understand your disorder. It is easier to handle anxiety disorder if you know what you are dealing with. Your doctor can explain to you the things you need to know and how to deal with your disorder.

Be positive. Although the physical symptoms are like those of a heart attack, anxiety disorder is not a life threatening illness, it is a treatable illness. Stay positive and tell yourself that nothing bad is about to happen because you do not have a life threatening disease.

Join support groups. Talking to other sufferers, sharing your experience and learning about their struggles will help you handle it with ease because you know you are not alone.

Therapy. Psychotherapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy is one effective way to handle anxiety disorder. Talking to a psychiatrist or a mental health professional is very helpful. Studies have shown that significant improvement is usually seen within 6-8 weeks and up to 90% of patients are responsive to this kind of therapy. It helps sufferers to change their thinking patterns and how they react to their fears.

Medications. Although medications will not cure anxiety disorder, it will help you handle this and keep your disorder under control. Your psychiatrist or mental health doctor can prescribe you with the right medication appropriate for your condition. Common medications are antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs and beta blockers.

Natural remedies. This is an alternative treatment to help you handle anxiety disorder without the side effects of drugs. If you have tried a lot of treatments and still suffering from the disabling symptoms, natural remedies are another option.

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