Immediate Relief for Panic Attacks Sufferers Should Know

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Panic or anxiety attack may happen anytime. It is an extreme unreasonable fear over something accompanied by symptoms like increased heartbeat, chest pain, trembling, sweating and feeling of going crazy. Attacks usually lasts for a few minutes but it can also last for hours. If you do not know the immediate relief for panic attacks, you will find yourself immobile and unable to function normally on your daily life.

If your panic or anxiety attacks are so severe and you cannot handle them by yourself, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Panic disorder is a very treatable condition and you can overcome this disorder. The following tips can be very helpful if you want an immediate relief for panic attacks:

Accept that you are in panic. In dealing with panic attacks, it is important to acknowledge that you are in panic. Facing and acknowledging your fears will help you bring out the fears you have inside. Bringing out how you feel will help you lessen the intensity of your panic than keeping it inside yourself.

Use a paper bag. If a person is in panic he or she tends to suffer from hyperventilation or breathing rapidly. When you are breathing rapidly, you tend to breathe out too much carbon dioxide and this is not very good because it can aggravate the symptoms of panic disorder. Breathing into a paper bag is an immediate relief for panic attacks and it will help you bring back the required level of carbon dioxide and oxygen in your body.

Distract yourself. One effective relief for panic attacks is stop thinking about your fear and distract yourself with happy and positive thoughts. Replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts to battle your panic attack and to help you calm down. You can also listen to a calm music or watch an entertaining television show to distract yourself and forget your panic attack.

It is important to find an immediate relief for panic attacks but it is more important to find a permanent solution to panic disorder. This problem can torment you for years if left untreated. Stop suffering from panic disorder using easy to follow treatment techniques, visit Panic Miracle

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