Prevent Anxiety Panic Attacks with Proper Diet

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Diet or the food that we eat plays a very important role on how your body and mind functions. Food is the major supplier of the nutrients needed by our mind and body to keep us healthy and to prevent diseases. You can also prevent anxiety and panic attacks through proper diet.

There are diets known to increase anxiety and trigger panic attacks and there are also foods with calming effects that helps prevent anxiety and panic attacks. While there are medications, it is also helpful to keep a healthy diet to control anxiety disorder. Of course it is recommended to consult your doctor regarding your panic anxiety disorder and your dietitian when trying to modify your diet.

Keeping yourself hydrated is one way to reduce anxiety. Water has many health benefits and it also helps to prevent anxiety and panic attacks. There are studies showing dehydration triggers anxiety and nervousness since 85% of our brain contains water. If proper hydration is not maintained, our body may respond differently with symptoms like anxiety.  It is best to drink eight glasses of water daily and keep yourself hydrated to prevent anxiety and panic attacks.

If your body is too acidic, it may also trigger high levels of anxiety. Acid forming foods like protein, dairy products, sugar and processed foods promotes anxiety. Acidic foods also make it hard for your body to eliminate toxins and reducing your resistance to stress making you weak. Stress is one trigger of anxiety.

Alkaline diet is calming and can prevent anxiety and panic attacks. Alkaline diet is more on fruits and vegetables like apple, oranges, pineapple, almonds, broccoli and cucumber. You need 80% alkaline diet to create balance in your body.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Drinking too much coffee can also cause anxiety and nervousness because it is a stimulant and it also causes sleep problems. Alcohol may have a calming effect at first but it eventually creates symptoms related to anxiety.

Watching what you eat and drink will help you prevent anxiety and panic attacks. Eating a well balanced diet and getting all the nutrients and minerals you need makes your body and emotions more stable.

Getting help for your anxiety panic disorder is also very helpful if you cannot manage the condition on your own. Did you know that acute anxiety and panic attacks can be cured in easy to follow steps without any medication using a revolutionary new technique? To find out more visit Panic Miracle 

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