Relief for Panic Attacks – Learn How Deal With Panic Disorder

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Being anxious is a normal human emotion like anger, sadness and happiness but if you are suffering from unreasonable and uncontrollable anxiety or panic that you find it hard to concentrate on your daily activities, then it is already a problem called panic disorder. Anxiousness accompanied by extreme panic and increased blood pressure can be very disabling. Panic disorder is a mental state that can hinder you from your normal daily activities and can reduce the quality of your life. Learning the best relief for panic attacks is important to free yourself from the disabling symptoms of panic disorder.

Symptoms of panic disorder maybe experienced when there are major events in your life like death in the family, broken relationships or divorce and sudden changes or stress at work or school. Before learning the best relief for panic attacks, you should know how to identify the symptoms of panic attacks. Common symptoms of panic attacks are pounding heartbeat, trembling, sweating, choking sensation, shortness of breath, chest pain and feeling of going crazy. It can be very hard to live a normal life if you are suffering from all of these symptoms and you do not know how to handle your symptoms.

One best relief for panic attacks is to believe that you have the ability to take control. Panic disorder is not a life threatening disease but it is a mental state that can be controlled. Your mind controls the behavior of your body. If a certain situation is totally safe but your mind interprets it as a dangerous situation, your body will respond to what you think. Your body will respond to the messages sent by your mind. So one best relief for panic attacks is changing the way you think. When a panic attack is starting to build up, tell yourself words like “I will be okay, this cannot harm me and there is nothing to worry about”. Believing you are in control can help you beat the disabling symptoms of panic attacks. Replacing your negative thoughts with positive thoughts can be very helpful if you want to get rid of the physical symptoms of panic disorder.

Another effective relief for panic attacks is breathing exercises. You will experience hyperventilation during panic attacks or you are breathing faster than normal causing a number of symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pain and other panic disorder symptoms. Changing the way you breathe can help lessen or eliminate your symptoms. Slow and deep breathing can help you to feel more calm and relaxed. Deeply inhale through your nose, hold it for about three seconds and exhale slowly.

While it is important to know and practice the above mentioned relief for panic attacks to temporarily relieve your symptoms, it is best to find a remedy that will permanently stop your panic attacks. Did you know that there are people who cured their panic disorder permanently? To find out visit Panic Miracle

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