Teenagers With Social Anxiety Disorder – Things Teens and Parents Ought to Know

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Social phobia is a very devastating and disabling mental disorder and anyone can have it including teens. Teenagers with social anxiety disorder have unwarranted fear of being humiliated and embarrassed in front of other people. It is natural to feel anxious in front of other people but those who have social phobia have intense fear being judged or embarrassed by others. This fear is so intense that it gets into the way of his or her daily activities.

Teenagers with social anxiety disorder are afraid of doing simple things in public and even if they know that their fear is unreasonable, they cannot control their fears. For instance, teens with social phobia are afraid to eat or drink in front of other people, render oral reports, participate in school social events, engage in conversations and meet new people. Teens with this disorder usually avoid social situations and events because they think they might get embarrassed or criticized. It is hard for them to nurture friendship, make new friends and create romantic relationships. This condition keeps them from enjoying life with their friends and family.

Common physical symptoms of teenagers with social anxiety disorder include blushing, trembling, excessive sweating, difficulty talking and nausea. Behavioral symptoms include too much self-consciousness in front of other people, worry for days or weeks before the feared event or situation, intense fear of negative evaluation from other people and they usually stay away from places and events where there are other people.

Teenagers with social anxiety disorder should seek treatment and professional help. Doctors or mental health providers can give the proper diagnosis and can help teens suffering from this disorder. If not treated, this problem may last for years or worse for a lifetime.

There are varieties of treatments available because social anxiety disorder is a treatable mental disorder. Your doctor may prescribe medicines like antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs and beta blockers. Cognitive behavioral therapy performed by psychologists or psychiatrists can be very helpful to help teenagers with social anxiety disorder.

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