Ways to Overcome Chronic Panic Attacks

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We sometimes experience intense terror or panic once or a few times in our lives when faced with terrifying situations. This kind of panic is short-lived and very rational due to the presence of real danger or frightening situation. However, if you are experiencing recurring panic attacks without logical reasons or with the absence of real danger, you might be suffering from a mental disorder called panic disorder. Millions of people are suffering from this disorder and it is important to find ways to overcome chronic panic attacks before it can totally interfere with your daily life.

People suffering from frequent panic attacks may become home-bound. With the symptoms associated with panic attacks like chest pain, increased heartbeat, sweating, trembling, difficulty breathing, intense desire to flee and feeling of going crazy, it can be really difficult for sufferers to function normally on their everyday lives. Proper diagnosis is important because your symptoms might be a cause of other health issues like heart and thyroid problems. It is best to rule out possible physical health problems before taking the necessary treatment to overcome chronic panic attacks. If panic disorder is the reason behind the frequent panic attacks, the good news is that panic disorder is a very treatable condition. It is important to get professional help. Licensed mental health professionals like psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists are the people trained to diagnose and treat mental disorders like panic disorder.

There are a number of treatments to overcome chronic panic attacks. With the proper treatment you can get rid of the disabling symptoms of panic disorder and you can live a fulfilling life. Panic attacks symptoms can be treated by medications. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications are commonly prescribed for anxiety or panic disorder. Medications cannot cure mental disorders but can be very helpful to control its symptoms for sufferers to function normally on their daily lives. Taking medications for a long period of time can result to a number of side effects like dizziness, upset stomach and headache and it may also result to addiction. It is important to always follow the advice of your doctor in taking medications.

Psychotherapy is an effective treatment to overcome chronic panic attacks. This kind of treatment helps sufferers to fully understand their disorder and teaches them methods to manage their symptoms and how to deal with their negative thoughts. Psychotherapy alone can be very effective but in severe cases, it is combined with medications. The success of this treatment depends on the active participation of the patient on the treatment plans designed by his or her mental health provider. Exposure therapy is one method that helps patients to gradually face their fears and eventually control or overcome their irrational fears.

It is also important to help yourself to overcome panic attacks. Learn more about your disorder and know your triggers. Find out how you can manage and overcome your triggers. Joining a counseling group is one way to talk to people with the same experiences. Talking to other people experiencing the same disorder can be very helpful. You will learn more from each other and there is a feeling that you are not alone.

It is a necessity to find ways to overcome chronic panic attacks and reclaim your life.

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